Saturday, 21 April 2018

Internalized Homophobia.

Some homosexual men have internalized society's homophobia and buried their sexual feelings deep beneath a manly mask.

This homophobia can come from parents, peers, religious or political leaders.

But the fear of being discovered is so great that they are locked in an iron closet.

These fears include: fear of being disowned by parents, fear of ridicule and violence from peers, fear of damnation and ostracism from religious leaders, and fear of persecution from political leaders.

This repression of sexuality causes great psychological problems and can lead to severe mental illness.

But fear is the key.

Somehow they must overcome their fears and emerge like a butterfly from the closet.

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Friday, 20 April 2018


Children are now being placed in a loveless environment from as young as 6 months.

It was bad enough when children went to school at 5.

But now they are deprived of their parents' love almost from birth.

It was never meant to be like this!

Children were supposed to receive love from their parents until at least adolescence when they formed loving relationships of their own.

Children were supposed to learn from their parents.

We were never supposed to live for long periods without love.

In the schoolyard children learn fear.

And this fear can rule you for life.

I am not suggesting that family love is perfect but it's better than nothing.

I dread to think how these young children will react when they become teenagers.

They may be rebellious, even hateful.

Parents rationalize their selfishness by thinking early education gives their child an edge.

But they are not thinking about the child's emotional and psychological development.

And children are being subjected to Satanic rock music, entertainment, and toys from birth.

This all adds up to a very disturbed and mixed up teenager who may never escape the negativity of this early training.

I hope and pray that they find love. 

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Thursday, 19 April 2018

Hugs Help!

In a world that is cold, impersonal, and cruel.

Any sign of warmth and love is welcome.

Hugs help!

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Wednesday, 18 April 2018

She Said.

She said:

"The only time he ever touched me was when he wanted sex."

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Tuesday, 17 April 2018

Choose Love.

It is the way of the world to accumulate money and possessions.

It is the way of the world to grab power and privilege.

It is the way of the world to exploit others and feel superior.

The way of the world is driven by fear.

But God's ways are the ways of equality.

The ways of compassion.

The ways of mercy and forgiveness.

God's ways are driven by Love.

So we have a choice:

To follow the way of the world - which is fear.


To follow the way of the Kingdom of God - which is Love.

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Monday, 16 April 2018

Opening the Scriptures.

When we encounter the real God He opens the scriptures to us.

Then we can read the Bible with discrimination.

Seeking God's face helps us to know which words are from God and which words are the messenger's fears and assumptions.

Any violence, judgement, or oppression is not from God.

God is Love.

And He condemns no one.

It is our job to separate the fragments of Light from the shards of pottery which contained them.

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Sunday, 15 April 2018


The fact remains that some people are born with a homosexual orientation.

Inconvenient and awkward as this may be it is a fact of life.

So any attempts to demonize homosexuals is tainted with hate and betrays its basis in fear.

Fear of AIDS, fear of difference, and fear of the alien drives some people to persecute homosexuals.

It may even cause them to act violently towards them.

But any attempt to justify violence and hatred using texts from the Bible is a perversion of the spirit of the Bible - which is that all people are loved by God.

God loves gays.

Like a father loves his gay sons.

He will not reject them.

He will not betray them.

And He will welcome them into Heaven when they die.

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